business travels, save on business travelsCompanies today, even the biggest ones will do everything to lower down their expenses. Everyone knows that the lesser the expenses of an organization the higher the revenues. If an organization belongs to a service industry, one thing for sure, bulk of its operational expenses goes to its Sales and Services Department. This department is responsible in carrying out the company’s goal of delivering their product to its prospective client and provide support whenever needed. These tasks of delivery and provision normally involve business travels. So, how can a business organization save money on their business travels?

Here are some tips on how to lessen the expenses in official business travels:

Avoid paying luggage fees. For those who are going on an longer trip or having to carry samples, airlines nowadays have promotions where one doesn’t have to pay a fee for the first checked bag as long as he purchases a business class or better ticket. Having a status, this privilege can be enjoyed. Also when looking for carriers, fly with those which don’t charge baggage fees. Alternately, the really easiest way on not paying luggage fees is to make sure one doesn’t need to check in his luggage.

Book travel in advance. Since rates tend to get higher closer to travel dates, it is advisable to book the flight in advance if possible. In doing so, one can compare flights from different airlines. There are even airlines which offer promos for advance booking.

Stay in serviced apartments.  Serviced apartments are now popular due to the amenities and convenience they offer. If one is to stay more than a night or two, he can opt to buy from the grocery and cook meals in his own kitchen. Skipping dine-outs can even give one some extra money if his company provides allowances whether it was used or not.

If one opts to stay in the hotel, eat the complimentary breakfast. Most breakfasts are in buffet and this can also save one from buying heavy lunch.

Make use of public transportation. When one is assigned to travel in a  city with reliable trains and buses, practise  what the locals do. Yes, it might be more convenient having a rented car but it’s also nice to make way around town using these buses especially if one’s in an extended stay.

By being practical and considerate during these business dealings, one is actually helping the company’s goal of fulfilling its mission to its clients. By earning more gives the company stability and security to employees as well.

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7 Responses to “How to Save Money on Business Travels”

  1. I book my tickets in advance. That way, I can get a good rate and if I’m really lucky, even the hotel rooms have early booking discount, too.

  2. I find this tips very informative and resourceful. I like the tips you specifically suggested. thanks for sharing.

  3. These are highly valuable tips especially during these tough times. Even the business community needs to make sure that business expenses are kept to a minimum.

  4. I totally agree with making use of the public transportation, it saves money too.

  5. very practical tips, actually, i would prefer to cook my own foods since i can’t stand eating out for a long time.

  6. These are very helpful tips for business traveler :-) Nothing beats when you travel at the same time get paid too :-)

  7. Airlines are quite stringent these days with their baggage allowance esp the US carriers. It’s quite difficult to use connecting flying coming from an international airline then changing in the US to visit another state. We always end up cutting back on our baggages for fear that we may have to pay extra on the others.

    It must be nice to travel business or first class. I only got to try business twice and once on first class due to upgrade. I hope it’s a regular thing since business and first class amenities are really nice and comfortable seats too.

    I hope airlines will be a bit lenient with baggage allowance esp if you’re a frequent traveler.

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